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LIsa Newlands

I am the manager of Kalipso. I do on occasion dive these Northern waters, but I enjoy diving the warmer waters of the Caribbean. I have been married to Tim since 1985 and we have 2 wonderful children and 2 grandsons, the next generation of divers.
Tim Newlands- MI # 197201

It all started on a cold rainy May weekend back in 1994. I was hooked. For many years my diving was a pursuit of catching lobster. My focus changed in 2005 when I decided to become a scuba instructor. I enjoy teaching as I can see the ocean thru the eyes of our students and am reminded why I love this sport.  
James Newlands- MSDT # 236633

I enjoy traveling to new destinations, my favorite location so far has been Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi, Indonesia. I look foward to more trips to Asia Pacific. Shooting video peeked my interest a few years ago, unfortunatly editing isn't as much fun.
Mike Riccio - OWSI # 279519

Scuba has opened a whole new world for me.After getting certified many years ago, I made the mistake of traveling to a warm water destination to scuba.I was hooked bad. When I am not teaching or delivering the mail you will find me somewhere where the sun is shinning and the water is warm.
Krista Thomson - OWSI # 345675

I grew up on a lake and lived for my vacations where I would snorkel for HOURS! After a vacation to Cancun with my Sister, we decided to try Scuba Diving. Well, that was only the beginning... We found Kalipso Dive Shop (the best dive shop ever) and both went from Open Water to Advanced to Rescue Diver (Boy that was a tough one). That was it for my big Sis, but not for me. I became an Instructor. Working with Tim and this fine group of people is what gets me through the week (surface interval) until I can dive again. 
Mike Weiss - OWSI # 368162

After I took my DSD I was completely hooked. There is a whole underwater world to be explored and it is right in our back yard. I have a true passion for diving.  There is nothing like seeing the expression on a new divers face when they experience their first ocean dive and you see their whole being light up.   
Dive Masters
Rob Pelletier
Ed Boivin

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